Embassy of India
Celebrating Publication of the English edition of book
‘Gaya Buddhism, Unlatching the Gate’


       The Embassy of India, Seoul hosted a special event on 22 September 2023 to launch the English edition of the book titled ‘Gaya Buddhism, Unlatching the Gate’ by Monk Domyeong, Chief Monk of Yeo Yeo Jung Temple.  Monk Domyeong, is a well-known Korean scholar of Buddhism. He is also the Chairman of the Gaya Cultural Promotion Foundation in Gimhae city.  The event was attended by Hon’ble Member of ROK National Assembly Min Hong-chul, Ambassador of India Amit Kumar, senior Buddhist monks and scholars from Korea and India.

2. The program featured a lecture by Monk Domyeong about his book and research. Ambassador Kumar highlighted the historical linkages between India and Republic of Korea, including the shared heritage of Buddhism. He congratulated Monk Domyeong for his scholarly effort to author a book on Gaya Buddhism, which brought out the close ancient connections between our two countries. As we celebrate 50 years of India-South Korea diplomatic relations this year, Ambassador Kumar noted that the English edition of the book will immensely benefit many more historians and students, and help advance our understanding of that important period.

3. The book provides a fascinating scholarly account of the travel of Buddhism from India to Korea through the maritime route along with Princess Suriratna of Ayodhya, who arrived in Korea in 48 A.D. Princess Suriratna married King Kim-Suro of the Gaya Kingdom and became Queen Heo Hwang-ok. The Indian princess and her brother Monk Jangyu brought a Buddhist pagoda along with them, which is currently placed adjacent to the tomb of Queen Heo in Gimhae.  

4. Monk Domyeong’s book is an invaluable source that stands testimony to the deep civilizational links between ancient India and Korea. The Gaya Culture Promotion Foundation and the International Buddhist Confederation have supported in bringing out the English edition.


(22 September 2023)